Transforming Real Estate with Automated Zoning Reports

Bridging the Information Gap in Real Estate Listings

Imagine the possibilities if every real estate listing and auction house included comprehensive zoning information. This vision spurred the creation of the automated zoning report, aiming to revolutionize how properties are presented and evaluated.

The Traditional Limitations

Historically, real estate listings have focused on basic attributes like square footage, location, and price, often overlooking the critical aspect of zoning. This oversight can leave potential buyers or developers in the dark about a property's true potential, leading to missed opportunities or decisions made without full insight.

Introducing the Automated Zoning Report

To address this gap, the automated zoning report offers essential insights into a property's development potential:

Total Buildable Area: This feature calculates the maximum development area based on local zoning regulations, providing a clear picture of a property's capacity.

Max Units Allowed: For projects considering multifamily or mixed-use developments, understanding the maximum number of permissible units is key. This information is foundational for planning and investment strategies.

Empowering Customers with Key Insights

These calculated data points demystify the complexities of zoning, offering a valuable starting point for evaluating a property's potential. While it's essential to consider factors such as height restrictions and parking requirements, these initial insights equip customers with a more informed basis for decision-making.

Advancing Transparency and Accessibility

This initiative marks a significant step towards enhancing transparency in the real estate market, ensuring that listings provide not only a snapshot of the present but also a window into future development possibilities. By integrating detailed zoning information into property listings, we're opening up new avenues for informed decision-making and strategic investment in real estate.

Author Olivia Ramos
Founder and CEO of Deepblocks, holds master's degrees in Architecture from Columbia University and Real Estate Development from the University of Miami. Her achievements before Deepblocks include designing Big Data navigation software for the Department of Defense's DARPA Innovation House and graduating from Singularity University's Global Solutions and Accelerator programs.