Brooklyn's Success: Exploring LIHTC-Funded Projects and Zoning Development Trends

Analyzing NYC Boroughs: Brooklyn's Triumph in City Segmentation

When broken down into individual boroughs, the various parts of NYC outperform the city as a whole. Just yesterday, Michael shared a ranking of the top 10 cities in New York State, which showed Brooklyn taking the top spot after we segmented NYC data by borough.

Diving into Location-Based Data: Unearthing the Impact of LIHTC-Funded Projects

I delved into various location-based data layers to better understand what's driving Brooklyn's numbers. One that stood out was the abundance of LIHTC-funded projects; there are so many that I'm currently developing a function to count them accurately.

Counting LIHTC-Funded Projects: Crafting a Precise Quantification Function

Particularly interesting is the concentration of these LIHTC-funded projects at the Brooklyn-Queens border. These projects are notably situated in areas zoned for higher density. 

The Borderline Bonanza: Investigating LIHTC Concentration at the Brooklyn-Queens Border

It raises questions about the age of these projects and how close they are to completing their compliance periods.

More will be revealed,


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