Urban Density and Affordability: Balancing Opportunity in Secondary Markets

Exploring the link between high-density zoning, QCT Zones, and Opportunity Zones in selecting secondary markets.

Another curious factor in choosing secondary markets, beyond their proximity to primary markets, is the correlation between the potential for high-density zoning in areas designated as QCT Zones and Opportunity Zones. 

Examining the precarious situation of secondary markets, surrounded by more affluent areas, and the implications for the stability of the cities' workforce.

Affordability is a pivotal concern, especially in the context of secondary markets. As observed in yesterday's post, many of these markets are surrounded by a sea of high-end alternatives. This situation threatens the cities' workforce's stability, as the current population's displacement could lead to significant challenges. 

How leveraging urban density can allow existing residents to move up, not out, and accommodate newcomers from primary markets.

To mitigate the risk of displacement, urban density becomes vital. By leveraging the city’s capacity for increased density, existing residents can move up rather than away, and newcomers fleeing the expensive primary markets can be accommodated. When a city harnesses density effectively, it opens doors to fresh opportunities for all its inhabitants.

A clarification of the characteristics of QCT Zones, including key income and poverty rate metrics.

QCT zones are characterized by a percentage of households earning below the Area Median Gross Income (AMGI) or a poverty rate of at least 25 percent.

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