Density regulations shape our cities. They designate how many people will live in a specific area, which has implications on quality of life issues, especially at the ends of the spectrum. These include air quality, access to public transit, walkability, etc.


Setbacks shape the pedestrian experience. They regulate whether a pedestrian will encounter ground floor shops and cafes as they walk down a street, or lawns that separate them from building activity, while providing privacy to building dwellers. Setbacks also control minimum building separation.

Building Height

Heights are regulated in multiple ways, depending on the zone. Most zoning districts regulate building height, either as total number of floors or as a linear measure, and they also regulate the minimum and maximum dimensions of ground floors and typical floors.

Parking Requirements by Use

Parking is a huge factor in development. Most zoning districts have some type of parking requirement by use, which not only shapes the way our cities look, but also the way people live and interact with one another. Here are some definitions that are useful in this conversation.

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