Demystifying Zoning for Scalable Property Analysis

Beyond Basic Rule Extraction

Understanding zoning is crucial for maximizing property potential, but true mastery goes beyond simply extracting regulations from municipal codes. It involves a detailed application of these rules to each property and assessing their combined effects.

From Individual Analysis to Citywide Application

While specific rules like '500 units per acre' or 'one unit per 400 SF' offer clear guidelines for single properties, applying these across an entire city presents challenges. Our approach involves translating these regulations to individual parcels, enabling a comprehensive understanding of a city's total development capacity.

Revolutionizing Access with Automated Solutions

Our innovative approach has streamlined the process for developers and investors, offering clear insights into the buildable potential of properties at scale. By converting complex zoning ordinances into structured data and applying parcel-specific logic, we've opened up a world of development possibilities through vibrant 3D feasibility studies.

Aiming for Full Automation in 3D Modeling

The ultimate objective is to automate the constraints of 3D models fully, providing a seamless visualization of each property's highest and best use. This ambition transcends mere efficiency; it's about enabling widespread analysis that fosters optimized investments and smarter urban development.

The Mission to Optimize Urban Evolution

Our goal is to identify the highest and best use for every property nationwide, a vital mission as we face an era of significant urban transformation. Leveraging AI, we aim to guide this evolution in a manner that is both profitable and aligned with the broader goals of community development and sustainability.

Author Olivia Ramos
Founder and CEO of Deepblocks, holds master's degrees in Architecture from Columbia University and Real Estate Development from the University of Miami. Her achievements before Deepblocks include designing Big Data navigation software for the Department of Defense's DARPA Innovation House and graduating from Singularity University's Global Solutions and Accelerator programs.